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Lighting Workshops

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Learn how to get BIG RESULTS from small strobes!

Join me, corporate annual report photographer David Tejada, for this one day lighting workshop. With more than 30 years of location lighting experience under my belt, I’ll show you that you don’t need to load yourself down with lots of expensive gear to achieve big results.

Learn how to achieve "big lighting" results with small, compact strobes.

You'll learn how to:
• control and modify the quality of light produced from a typical shoe mounted flash;
• properly use umbrellas, soft boxes, snoots, grids, silks and bounce techniques;
• use a single strobe combined with existing light as well as more complicated multiple light set-ups;
• PLUS bonus pro photo business information.

Use Your Flash OFF Camera

We’ll spend a lot of time learning how light works and how to get consistent results with your flash photography. You’ll leave this workshop knowing how to use your flash off camera and how to consistently achieve the results you want. You’ll be able to confidently produce a portrait in any environment that you encounter on location.

Shoot and Learn

Participants will have the opportunity to shoot each of the lighting demos with their own cameras as well as the lighting set-ups during the workshop. Lighting demos are a wonderful way to build a catalog of lighting effects that you can draw on for future reference.

Bonus: Important Business Information

In addition to the lighting aspect of this workshop, I’ll share my experience in developing a successful corporate photography business as well as how I handle my current workflow.

Professional lighting techniquesPlease Note:

This workshop is designed for the emerging pro or for those contemplating doing so, as well as serious hobbyists. This workshop does not show you how to use your camera. You should understand the relationship between shutter speeds and F-stops, such as what the difference is between f/1.4 and f/22. This workshop is a very condensed version of my week long workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe, NM.

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